Young Creative: Obinna Omeruo

We spend so much time applauding designers and their collections, and give very little recognition to those who work behind the scenes to make it happen. After mental visualization, the next important step in the creation of any attire is making a visible sketch of what it is you are trying to create. This is where Obinna Omeruo comes in.

Obinna Omeruo is a seasoned fashion illustrator who has worked with a number of Nigerian fashion’s golden names to to bring their ideas to life. Some of the designers are Meena, Orange Culture, and House of Nwocha. Not limiting himself to fashion illustrations, he has also worked his way around the fashion industry styling celebrities, doing content creation for brands as well as himself, dabbling in runway production, and, most recently, producing his own line of clothing.

Over the years, Obinna’s illustrations have only gotten better. He has evolved from contemporary fashion drawings to conceptual collections as well.

Obinna has also been known to do live sketches at events, and people love them. You can find most of his work on his instagram page.

Personal Favorites from Obinna Omeruo

Obinna Omeruo Bats vs SupesObinna Omeruo Haute HauntingObinna Omeruo Style Wars

It’s one thing to be stylish, but another to be able to diversify your styl in a way that multiple people can appreciate it from different perspectives. Needless to say, I am extremely proud we can boast of having such amazing talent here in Nigeria. Obinna Omeruo is defintely one that is going to keep growing. His menswear ine is already garnering a lot of popularity and we are excited about what the future holds for him.

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