Senator Ovie Omo-Agege As My Politician Of The Year: Guts And Glory.

By Ena Ofugara

I have made two choices this year as my leading persons. I picked Burna Boy as KING in a viral and criticized article, even before he received a single award, locally or internationally. A Yoruba boy said I was being partial, and that it is because Burna boy is Port Harcourt and south-south. Burna Boy is the third Nigerian ever to be nominated for a Grammy after Femi Kuti and King Sunny Ade. He may just be the first to win. I also picked Prince Deji Adeyanju as my Nigerian of the year, despite my lack of closeness to him amd our many fights hereon. His beating was the catalyst that forced the hand of the government to release Sowore and Dasuki. That beating captured globally is the singular thing that painted this government in colours it did not wish to wear.
In 2015, I picked Fayose as my Politician of the year, in a year everyone was calling Jonathan “hero” and my fabled loyalty to Jonathan.  Today, Fayose is the only PDP politician conducting grassroot mobilization despite his face-off with Buhari and EFCC and when most politicians are APC by night and PDP only by name.
Here and now, I pick Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as my politician of the year, despite my well-recorded opposition to his politics as concerns 2019.
My reasons for choosing him as Senator will be enumerated and I hope atguments for and against will be based on logical arguments and voluteerjng of names more befitting. Remember, Adolph Hitler has been Times Man Of The Year as has Mother Theresa. Man of The Year is not a popularity contest, nor is it a moral exercise. It is a calculation of IMPACT, guts, moves and strategie
s. No one has been more strategic, gutsy or VICTORIOUS as Ovie Omo-Agege this past year.
He is my Politician Of The Year because
1. He gambled on Oshiomole over Oyegun and won. While the more moneyed Olorogun O’tega Emerhor OON and my oga Rume Ima Niboro and Pat Utomi held on the the incumbent Oyegun as Chairman of APC, Omo-Agege saw the future in picking Oshiomole. And when Oyegun picked his APC congress and picked candidates, Omo-Agege went ahead and did his own APC congress. So in a fractured National and State APC, Omo-Agege’s chairman and candidates are today the legitimate APC.
2. Despite a fractured APC, he beat the juggernaut PDP with Ibori and my sister Barr Evelyn Omavowan Oboro as well as the great Ighoyota Amori. He not only beat Ibori and Okowa’s PDP, he delivered a few of his south central lower candidates, knocking off the quintessential rugged intellectual in Evance Ochuko Ivwurie as well as delivering Francis E Waive into the Federal House of representatives. For those who believe it was about just Ogboru’s popularity in Urhobo land, Ovie Omo-Agege had better percentages than Ogboru even in Ibori’s backyard. Also many say Ibori and Okowa threw the elections so Omo-Agege would win. They say there was anti-party activities from the top. If so, that is more reason to declare him an astute politician of incredible negotiating ability and POLITICIAN of the year.
3. He went in front of the line in APC  ranking, despite perhaps supporting Jonathan in 2015. Many APC people look up to a man who was not APC a few years ago. He is the party leader in the SOUTH SOUTH in a party financed by Amechi, an indigene of the south-south. This is not beans. However he did it… POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR.
4. He beat Orji Uzor Kalu, the Enyimba of Eastern politics. Okay, many would fight here. But as a Nigerian, there is no easterner more well-known politically than Orji Uzor Kalu. Okay, Rochas and Peter Obi may have something to say about this… even eapecially Nnanmdi Kanu. However, when Orji Uzor held sway, all of those you name today were quite unknown. Only Ngige can boast of some comparison then. But Kalu is Kalu.. Enyimba! And despite all the money and moves of Kalu, he was well trounced by the man from the minority tribe, Ovie Omo-Agege.
5. HE UNDID PDP.  I would be remiss if I do not state the reasons and the guts that made him become the Deputy Senate President, as well as South-South APC leader. No guts, no glory. High risk, high yield. HE UNDID PDP. Saraki and his cohorts wanted the governors election to come before presidential. This would have allowed the governors secure their seats and then BETRAY Buhari.  Tinubu and all could have moved to support Atiku having secured his Lagos. Omo-Agege, seeing the plot and seeing an opporrunity to show his immense use to Buhari, took up the gauntlet and fought Saraki and his band of merry men. Saraki and co were King slayers. They had slain Jonathan. Like lions who have tasted human flesh, they wanted another prize kill. KINGSLAYERS!!! Omo-Agege stood at the gates of Hades, nay Aso Rock much like Ceberus, scion of Echidna and Typhon. He was the three headed guard dog. But Saraki was no Heracles (Hercules). And thus Buhari was saved as tinubu and co ensured they delivered Lagos etc at great cost to themselves so as to keep their kingdoms.  The video of the Fulanis and other APC senators standing behind the indomitable Omo Agege and lapping his every word was a pain to watch for us PDP supporters. No other senator could match Saraki’s intellect on the side of APC. Ovie Omo-Agege of Delta central did as Buhari and Abba Kyari watched. APC HERO was born. POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR.
6. Stolen Mace. Whether Senator Omo-Agege sent the people to steal the mace or not is a moot point. Like Senator Ted Cruz who filibustered the US senate until America went into debt default, Omo-Agege successfully delayed and disrupted the senate until that law to have governor’s election before presidential had enough opposition to die an unatural death… is he, Omo-Agege HERO OR VILLAIN? That is debatable, depending on the party you support. The result is however incontestable. WINNER!!! Politician of the year
7. The suspensions and court case wins by Omo-Agege. Every court decision on Saraki’s actions against Omo-Agege, from suspension to … all and all, gbogbo e gbogbo e, have all been declared ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the courts of competent jurisdiction.  Omo-Agege stands as never ever having been suspended. Who is talking about a mace or a suspension now? Okay. Go one.
8. THE FLAWLESS VICTORY of Omo Agege. Those who play Mortal Kombat will understand my allusion to FLAWLESS VICTORY. They will understand when I say with baritone voice “FINISH HIM” . Omo Agege FINISHED nPDP, COMPLETELY. Not even one of his detractors remain in the senate. It is Cersei Lanicet bombing all her enemies in one fell swoop. Even Dino Malaye “dino know how he lost or became DINOsaur, and swept out by Agege and his party’s broom. (sad face). I guess it was the same broom Dino used to sweep out president Jonathan and his wife from Aso Rock. .. the very broom, unwashed just as Dino and Saraki left it.
9. All politics is local. For being able to unite the fractious Urhobo Kingdoms and to have them go to Abuja with one voice to ask for a polytechnic in their land, as well as the many Urhobo youths I am seeing their names now in lists James Manager and others have kept Urhobo youths from belonging to, including militancy largesse, he is my POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR
10. All politics is personal. And for continuing to work with his team like Henry Efe Duku etc as well as seeking to broaden his horizon, pulling in former combatants including in his party like Ima Niboro as well as outside his party; seeing many PDP supporters like us and telling us election is over and for us to join hands to make him succeed as our senator as well as Deputy senate president… for being so assessable and picking up his phone and or calling people that would be like “shuo! na a whole senator I dey follow talk so..  simply for not believing he should rest on his oars, but instead get more hands on deck….. for his humility
Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, Senator representing Delta Central, Deputy Senate president, lawyer, visionary, fearless combatant, father, husband, friend, community leader, CHIEF and the GREAT GAMBLER with the lucky hand is my POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR.

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